Beard Clean Up Made Easy

Make cleaning up your beard & 'stache trimmings a total breeze. No toilet paper, no hand towels, no cupping water to rinse facial hair away. Just grab a Stubble Buddy and get on with your day!

Manscaping Mess No More

A clean bathroom is sexy! Manscaping and body grooming are a must these days but don't slack when it comes to the critical clean-up too! Grab the Stubble Buddy and eliminate the hairy mess in seconds whether on the floor, tub, or counter. No dust buster, vacuum or broom needed!

Stubble Buddy
The Perfect Gift.

Ladies, give your guy (or yourself) the gift of a clean bathroom. Facial stubble and body grooming are no match for this bad boy!

Video demos

Watch the magic of the Stubble Buddy in action. So simple... yet so effective!

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I love my boyfriend but couldn't take his beard hair mess any longer. I saw the Stubble Buddy and now my sink is spotless every time!

Amanda S.

Sweeping up the floor after manscaping is always a hassle. Now it's easy super easy. No toilet paper, no towels, no brooms, just my Stubble Buddy.

Trent R.

I got this as a gift for my Dad because he's impossible to shop for. He absolutely loves it. My mom loves not having to clean the counter and sink too!

Lisa C.